Jocie Juritz Collection
Jocie Juritz

About me

I’m Jocie (joss-ee) Juritz, an animation director based in London. 

‘During the day’ I work with editorials, non-profits and educators, directing short films for the likes of CNN, The New York Times, Unicef and more. My work is hand-drawn in Photoshop – I like the process and painterly style that comes from animating frame by frame. 

I also run Photoshop animation workshops, give talks and mentor internationally.

Cat Boots Jocie Juritz Collection

I’m an animator, that’s why I make my shoes move!”

How it started

In the first lockdown I took an online boot-making course with ‘I Can Make Shoes’. Years of sewing and illustrating merged wonderfully in this new medium and I found myself making shoes based on recent animations. I love drawing the fluid, liquid, shapes of my two cats, Etta and Ziggy, and so the Cat Boots were born!

I consider myself an obsessive hobbyist and took the Cat Boot launch as an excuse to make in every medium possible. I created a mini series “This Is Not A Cat Boot” inspired by René Magritte. It’s non-cat-boots – digital and hand painted animations, a ceramic vase, a rug, even an animated manicure (and there may have been a birthday cake which got eaten before it was photographed).

Jocie Juritz Collection

Other designs based on animations

These shoes are personal experiments – not currently available for purchase.

‘Poetry Shoes’ – hand embroidered on burlap – a pair inspired by an animation I made for OnBeing – visualising the poem ‘What Is  Poetry’ by Elizabeth Alexander.

Poetry Shoes Jocie Juritz Collection
Jocie Juritz Collection

‘Snake Shoes’ based on a series on idents I created for the FX series – Cake.

Below – a series of ‘Sunny Rainy’ shoes, inspired by Spring.

Sunny, rainy boots Jocie Juritz Collection

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All images and illustrations ©Jocie Juritz


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