• I’m Jocie (joss-ee) Juritz, a London born and based creative. Originally an animator, now a shoe designer too, and always an obsessive hobbyist.

    My career, and education, began with animation, which I studied at Kingston University. Since graduating I’ve had the pleasure of working with editorials, non-profits and educators, directing short films for the likes of CNN, The New York Times, Unicef, the International Rescue Committee and more. My films are hand-drawn in Photoshop. I love the freedom and painterly qualities that come from animating frame by frame.

  • This passion for crafting extends to just about any medium I can get my hands on. I started sewing my own clothes as a teenager and almost studied fashion instead of animation.

    During the first lockdown I took an online boot-making course with I Can Make Shoes. Years of sewing and illustration merged perfectly in this new medium. I’ve always loved drawing the fluid, liquid, shapes of my two cats, Etta and Ziggy, and so the cat boots were born!

  • Cat boots Jocie Juritz Collection
  • Whilst I have an almost endless bucket of cat themed ideas to draw from, there are other collections, and themes, on the horizon. I hope to expand JJC into a more collaborative brand, inviting other artists and animators to create designs.

    I want each future collection to be inspired by a concept - to carefully balance on the line between humour and elegance. 

  • At the, very daunting, conception of JJC I knew I wanted the brand to be uniquely me. Not promoted with on-trend, fast-fashion, confidence-crushing marketing, but shared with humour, experimentation and curiosity. My designs come from an illustrative place, inspired by the storytelling and playfulness that drew me to animation. 

  • The first drop felt like an enormous creative challenge. So I decided to approach it as an exciting design brief - an excuse to create in whatever mediums and styles I felt like.

    I created a mini series ‘This Is Not A Cat Boot’. “Almost” cat boots in every style other than the original. Digital and hand-painted animations, a ceramic vase, a run, even an animated manicure.

  • It has been incredibly satisfying to realise this cohesive meeting of fashion, animation and craft. I’ve now learnt that true love usually comes back to find you - my slightly delayed foray into fashion was probably inevitable.

I’m hugely fortunate to work with manufacturers and producers who enable this small scale, experimental brand to exist. Most shoe companies have to make thousands of pairs per order - a feat unfeasible for any fledgling, self-started shop.

  • JJC shoes are made in Portugal, a little south of Porto. The north of Portugal is known for its excellent host of factories, materials, leather producers and manufacturers. The boots are lovingly made by hand in a small, family-run business, affectionately referred to as Mr Mario’s.

    Each pair is cut, stitched, lasted and finished by a member of the family or team.

They even have a little black cat that sleeps amongst the leathers - a match made in heaven. Their incredible care and craftsmanship can be seen in our making-of video. 

  • We only create the boots that customers order, running several small pre-order drops per year. The beauty of small runs is that they’re significantly less wasteful than producing big batches. The leather is cut economically, to reduce scraps. Boots don’t sit in storage, get thrown quickly into landfill as trends change, or get binned if returned!! They are hand-made for each customer, so they can be worn with love for years to come.